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This is a quick overview of getting up and running with Nuxtus. For more details read the using Nuxtus section.

Running Nuxtus

To start both the Directus (server) and Nuxt (client) simply run this command from the root of your project:

npm start

Set permissions

User token

If using a user token create/select a Directus user and create a static token in their user profile. Scroll down till you see "token" and click add. Do not forget to save the user with the new token.

Copy the created token into /client/.env file and change the auth setting to true:


Each time you create a collection make sure to assign "read" permissions to the role associated with the token (if not using an admin account)

Public API endpoints

This choice requires no additional set up. Simply assign each collection "read" permissions for each collection as they are created.

Get started

Create collections in Directus and assign permissions (as above). These collections will automatically have pages created in your Nuxt client app.

They are viewable via http://localhost:3000/collection_name and the source code for each page is /client/pages/collection_name.

Released under the MIT License.